System Protocol for Halal Electronic Resources Exchange

Reasons and Principles

Today, halal food market is sizing up to 150,000 – 200,000 million US dollar from 25 percent of the world population with the approximated growth rate of 6.3 percent per year during 2013 – 2018. Halal economics is divided into three main categories which are food, tourism and finance.

Thailand has been aware and focusing on both halal production and service in the last 3 – 4 years, however it still lacks several factors that could be the driving force of production, processing and exporting of halal food. The factors are such as, the lack of halal supply chain system for industry to use in supply chain management, the lack of system planning and standardized halal certification system. These factors once developed should increase competency of almost every department related, which in consequence will help drive and direct this industry which is news and has no clear direction to be able to rival among other advanced industries.

For this reason, Chulalongkorn Halal Science Center see the opportunity and invent System Protocol for Halal Electronic Resources Exchange a.k.a. SPHERE to help increase Thailand’s halal industry’s overall competency within IMT-GT, GMS and ASEAN areas. Therefore, SPHERE system will cover resources exchange from tip to toe.

Developed System


The website www.halalthai.com was established to collect necessary data from various departments for the main purposes of online halal product verification and registration to facilitate both consumers and producers along with other associated departments and provide the accurate and correct information for visitors.

H4E Application

Chulalongkorn Halal Science Center formulated the food additive search system in form of an application to help users search for food additive used in current halal industry, and further provides scientific data, knowledge and the most advanced halal forensic data to help in ingredients verification and categorizing. The database is accessible on both website and H4E Application for auditors. Plus, the sharing system let auditors share their work with colleagues.

Halal Certification System

Certify Your Halal Product user learns about the processes required for halal certification and halal mark request and let the document preparation function assembles the paperwork for you. Certify your halal product is not that hard anymore.

Auditor Checklist System

Auditor Checklist System is a mobile integrated application for auditors that provides the tool to evaluate and certify halal product proposals. The system collects data and documents which are related to the proposal in-check.

Halal Ingredient System

Halal Ingredient System functions as search engine of any halal certificate for every product and manufacturer in the market. User can use the app to check whether the products are safe to consume or not. Plus, the application is compatible on both phone and tablet for ease of access.

Auditor Assistant

Auditor Assistant is the application developed for auditor in order to help in their process of halal standard verification and certification in accord to Provincial Islamic Committee guideline. Customizable interface is there to help support the differences of each producer in the industry where many different production methods may be in use.


Halal Application or H-Apps is the application that gathers halal-related applications distributed in Thailand. The application helps update information, knowledge and provides access to other beneficial halal services.

Halal Scan Application

Halal Scan Application is the application that allows user to check on the status of any halal mark on any product approved by the Office of Islamic Committee of Thailand by just scanning it with the application on. The application will then link the number to the database and save it in your collection to come back and view it at anytime anyplace. Furthermore, not just the halal mark that is detectable

The application also allow user to view the information of food additive by scanning the area on the label of the halal product where the ingredient is located. The restaurant mode allows user to browse for nearby halal restaurant and display it using augmented reality (AR) system. Plus, Prayer Room Finder mode that indicates nearby prayer places for users to go to when needed. The corrective and accuracy of the data is guaranteed by Chulalongkorn Halal Science Center.


SPHERE API is the network channel for system and application developer that shares database and structure of the application. It shares data used and gathered by “System Protocol for Halal Electronic Resources Exchange (SPHERE)”. Currently there are open access to halal information in various dimensions for more than 60 API such as,

Halal certified products and factory (API-Halal Distributor & Factory) User can access halal certified products’ information such as product name, barcode, halal certificate number, manufacturer info and distributor info. The data can be displayed in JSON, Data or HTML formats.

Halal raw material, additives and distributor information (API H-Number & Ingredient) User can access H-Number associated information such as E-Number, additive name, halal status, additive type, distributor information etc. The data can be displayed in JSON, Data or HTML formats.

Halal restaurant information (API-Halal Food & Restaurant) User can access information about the point of interest such as shop name, location details, contact information, images, location on maps. The data can be displayed in JSON, Data or HTML formats

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