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The First Establishment of the Halal Science Center in the World

The Halal Science Center Chulalongkorn University was established by Associate Professor Dr.Winai Dahlan’s initiation in January 1995 originating from a small Science laboratory at the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences with an aim to develop Halal forensic science to provide safety assurance to both Muslim and non-Muslim consumers. The institute was commemorated as the World’s First Halal Science Department.

Since established, the center has continued to improve in both science, technology and innovation, hence expanded its scope to many more Halal science branches. Therefore, the center was awarded with multiple multi-national awards. With their commitment, the institute is aiming to improve the safety of world’s Muslim’s body and soul by following the motto “Religion rights, Science supports”

Assoc. Prof.
Dr. Winai Dahlan

Director of The Halal Science Center Chulalongkorn University


Chulalongkorn University Halal Science Center is the international leader in halal science and technology.


Aim to Improve “Thailand’s Identity of Halal Science”

“Halal Science Thailand Signature”


To research and develop halal science, technology and innovation to protect Muslim and non-Muslim consumers and increase Thailand’s international competency.

To use halal science as a tool to human resource development which leads to social, economic and national science and technology development.

To make halal science accepted on national and international levels

The missions of Halal Science Center are:

  • To be equipped with laboratory with advanced and standardized scientific analysis tools.
  • To provide analysis service of detection of prohibited contaminant and substance (Harom and Nayis) used in Halal food production processes.
  • To explore new techniques and tools for Halal product analysis.
  • To create record of raw materials, chemical substances and products for the benefit of industries and consumers.
  • To create website which serves as informer of knowledges for Halal industry and consumer.
  • To provide scientific support for Halal standard institutes and Islamic organization operating in Halal certification services.
  • To provide advices for industries and restaurants that produce Halal products using Halal-GMP/HACCP system.
  • To provide training for entrepreneur, consumer and the general public.
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