On July 3, 2019, Associate Professor Dr. Adisra Katib, advisor to the HSC-CU Director for International Affairs, Dr. Pornpimol Mahamad, Head of the Academic Services and Research Division,  Mr. Anas Denyingyod, Head of the Manufacturing Services, Ms. Sunainee Mahama, a senior scientist, and Ms. Warunya Ridmad, the secretary to the HSC-CU Director – all representing the HSC-CU welcomed Dr. Ryo Akashi, the Vice President of the University of Miyazaki, Japan and two other university executive officials.  Dr. Akashi stated that he had previously visited the HSC-CU four years ago, but would like to learn more about the nature of work at the HSC-CU.    He and his colleagues made enquiries on several issues such as on the process of sending the product samples to the HSC-CU for test and analysis, on the process of acquiring Thailand’s Halal certification for Japanese products, and on the collaboration between the two institutes.  After the conversation, the three guests had an opportunity to visit the HSC-CU Halal Forensic Science Laboratories.