On Monday 8, July 2019, the Halal Science Center, Chulalongkorn University organized a workshop on “the H Numbers Platinum 2019” for Halal product entrepreneurs at the Halal Science Center.  The purpose of the workshop is to collect and organize a database on Halal ingredients in Halal products in order to create an effective database management system.  There are altogether 26 entrepreneurs from 14 companies attending the workshop.

There are three topics in this workshop as follows:

  1. The importance of the database on Halal ingredients in Halal foods (H Numbers) for commercial benefits” – lectured by Associate Professor Dr. Winai Dahlan, the HSC Director
  2. “Halal Forensic Science to increase business opportunities with the H Numbers” – lectured by Ms. Kasinee Katelakha – an HSC researcher
  3. “Perspectives and experiences on using BIG DATA to benefit businesses” – lectured by Dr. Pradorn Sureepong, Assistant to the HSC Director, Chiang Mai Office

The workshop received great attention from the participants who expressed their interests in sharing and receiving the information on the Halal ingredients in Halal products in the H Numbers database created by the Halal Science Center.