On Tuesday, September 3, 2019, Associate Professor Dr. Winai Dahlan, Director of the Halal Science Center (HSC), Assistant Professor Nik Farid Raden Ahmad, HSC Deputy Director at the Pattani Office, Khun Manat Suebsantikul, advisor to the Director for Personnel Management, Khun Sulida Wangchi, advisor to the Director for International Relations and Finance and Procurement, and several HSC staff members welcomed the delegation from Directorate General Small, Medium and Various Industries (IKMA) from Indonesia.  The delegation was led by Mr. Eddy Siswanto, the Secretary of IKMA, who came to visit the Center with nine other delegates.  The aim of this visit was to study the nature of the work done at the Center and to exchange useful Halal information and Halal SMEs.  After the talks, the guests from IKMA had an opportunity to tour the HSC’s Halal Forensic Science Laboratories at the HSC main office and the Haram Museum at the HSC’s Suanluang Office.